Quality Control Management

Establish and implement quality control (QC) systems and procedures to ensure the quality of products meet desired levels of standards and compliance at all stages



Competency Area

Development and Implementation


Apply appropriate quality control (QC) procedures to perform quality checks

Identify the steps involved in QC operations

Identify hardware and equipment for different types of inspection and testing

Collect samples for testing

Conduct testing and checks

Carry out in-process checks

Take actions for non- conformances

Coordinate QC related activities and to ensure the consistency of product quality

Coordinate and perform product sampling according to testing schedules

Coordinate and perform a range of production testing and checks according to organisational standards, policies and procedures

Confirm product compliance with specifications and standards

Take action upon non- conforming processes or test results

Develop quality control (QC) system and procedures to test and validate product quality

Identify functions of QA&QC

Supervise production QA&QC functions

Develop product quality testing and quality check procedures

Analyse data covering critical process parameters

Supervise follow-up actions for correcting non-conformances

Audit the QMS

Liaise with internal and external parties on quality matters and standards

Communicate quality information across the organisation

Assure customer end products meet organisational and customer specifications

Devise the organisation’s quality control (QC) policy and objectives

Formulate QA&QC strategies

Review and identify functions of testing and inspection required

Determine appropriate tests to manage product quality

Analyse testing methods and routines required to assure quality

Review and analyse results and reports from critical process parameters

Manage required QA&QC follow-up actions

Review audits of the QMS