Workflow Management

Manage operations to ensure timely and quality delivery of construction outcomes



Competency Area

Audit Management


Develop workflows for all construction processes and construction teams

Plan and schedule work activities, incorporating the steps and sequences as per the work procedures and construction technologies selected

Estimate time, material and other relevant resource requirements

Deploy resources as needed according to workflow requirements

Identify critical activities and level resources

Analyse risks for tentative plans

Lead the formulation and implementation of workflow plans by ensuring coordination among construction teams and

Design workflows and processes specific to construction

Devise infrastructure requirements

Establish available resources and account for additional requirements

Conduct feasibility studies to ensure profitability and sustainability of production operations

Suggest amendments to workflow plans in order to reduce wastage and inefficiencies

Establish key performance indicators (KPIs)

Review workflows to streamline and eliminate processes

Ensure processes meet functional requirements of the BE sector

Review functional requirements to identify processes, procedures, techniques and technologies that can be applied to the BE sector in the future