Quality Assurance Management

Establish and implement quality assurance (QA) parameters and procedures to ensure compliance with the organisation’s Quality Management System (QMS) requirements



Competency Area

Development and Implementation


Identify quality assurance (QA) parameters and procedures for processes and products to be monitored and maintained

Identify the steps involved in QA parameters monitoring

Identify QA data checks, in accordance with procedures

Identify and report non- conformance

Perform QA monitoring and to take appropriate actions for non- conformance results

Perform QA parameters monitoring

Perform QA data checks in accordance with procedures

Input QA monitoring and check results into data recording systems

Take corrective actions for non-conformance results

Present information and evidence of compliance during audits

Assist to identify potential quality issues with production processes and products

Establish quality assurance (QA) procedures to review QA performance against organisational quality targets

Develop QA procedures in compliance with regulatory and QMS requirements

Define and determine appropriate QA monitoring parameters and performance checks

Develop data collection processes and procedures

Supervise and verify the measurement of QA performance against required specifications

Supervise and resolve any issues with QA data

Review raw data requirements and identify action plans

Analyse trends in the quality performance of the manufacturing facility to identify gaps

Analyse customer complaints to identify contributing factors and escalate issues

Investigate non- conformances and review the effectiveness of corrective and preventive actions

Conduct quality system audits

Lead the formulation and review of quality assurance (QA) policies and objectives

Formulate the organisation's QA policies, strategies and objectives in compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices

Endorse QA monitoring parameters and checks

Oversee all QA related activities and ensure proper documentation

Handle major customer complaints and associated product recall activities

Establish processes for the effective review of QA policies and objectives

Deliver organisation- wide updates on new or amended legislative or regulatory requirements and their impact on QA

Communicate QA performance data to stakeholders