Project Management - Engineering

Manage engineering projects and work areas by setting objectives, project plans, methodologies and timelines to ensure successful outcomes



Competency Area

Project Management


Conduct site inspections and collect data to facilitate project delivery

Obtain data through observations and/or other data collection methods

Record results from site inspections

Prepare progress reports to summarise findings from site inspections

Utilise project management software

Monitor project progress to ensure compliance with project schedules and quality

Communicate project schedules, quality requirements and risk management plans to consultants, contractors and/or suppliers

Monitor the statuses of projects to ensure adherence to agreed plans and timelines

Monitor project budgets

Compare site inspection results against project specifications and performance indicators

Identify gaps in project delivery against expected project outcomes

Develop overall project plans to guide the teams in project delivery

Allocate roles and responsibilities to team members

Determine factors contributing to performance gaps

Evaluate the feasibility of solutions recommended by consultants and/or contractors

Develop realistic project plans, timelines and budgets based on assessments of project objectives and scopes

Implement appropriate methodologies and tools to achieve desired outcomes effectively

Pre-empt risks to success of projects and develop plans to mitigate them

Present project updates to relevant stakeholders

Lead project teams to implement project master plans

Develop project parameters according to business requirements

Advise staff in resolving challenges during project delivery

Anticipate potential risks to project delivery

Devise risk mitigation measures to ensure project success

Direct the management and authorise ownership of projects to ensure alignment with strategic business priorities

Direct organisation-wide project risk management plans and strategies

Lead robust stakeholder engagement strategies and efforts to secure the commitment of senior stakeholders to ensure the projects’ success

Set guidelines for the strategic utilisation of resources to ensure that resources are optimised to meet key objectives

Align project objectives and scopes with strategic business priorities and directions