Project Coordination

Coordinate project activities and workflows in collaboration with project teams and relevant stakeholders, as determined by project plans, to fulfil expected project outcomes and objectives



Competency Area

Business and Project Management


Support project planning and coordination activities

Create necessary project templates for project documentation

Collect and store documents upon project closures and hand-offs to ensure easy retrieval in the future

Plan and coordinate projects in accordance with project administration policies and procedures

Monitor resource allocation and usage for specified functional areas

Identify potential scope issues for specified project phases

Support project teams in avoiding scope creep

Identify project resource constraints to re-allocate resources and/or escalate issues to ensure project continuance

Manage project planning and coordination activities to ensure projects are completed on schedule

Track project progress and stay abreast of changes to project plans and/or resource requirements

Implement project resource allocation plans to ensure availability of resources throughout project lifecycles

Propose amendments to resource-allocation plans according to fluctuations in progress of projects

Manage project information to ensure stakeholders are kept updated of progress and changes in project information

Identify and engage key stakeholders to understand their project expectations and requirements and mitigate project scoping issues

Communicate information to team members in accordance with organisational and project requirements

Implement training and development for project teams to meet project specifications

Evaluate team performance in accordance with performance measures

Manage team dynamics to ensure effective execution of project

Identify and resolve potential project scope issues in accordance with organisational procedures

Lead project planning and coordination activities by collaborating with key internal and external stakeholders

Define project objectives according to needs and organisational guidelines

Negotiate with key internal and external stakeholders to finalise project scopes, align expectations on projects and manage changes to project scopes

Devise communication and knowledge management processes to support project objectives

Build relationships with senior executives and key stakeholders throughout project lifecycles