Engineering Performance Management

Evaluate and optimise network, system and/or software performance against user and business requirements. This involves the introduction and utilisation of new tools and mechanisms to gather, analyse and fully optimise performance data. This also includes the initiation of controls, modifications and new investments to enhance end-to-end performance of ICT components, systems and services



Competency Area

Engineering Design Management


Establish metrics and mechanisms to assess network, software or system performance

Establish metrics to monitor network, software or system performance

Utilise new tools and technology to gather and interpret data

Apply new data analytics mechanisms to fully optimise performance data

Assess current performance data or statistics against the operational requirements in the short term

Analyse network, software and system health check results, performance reports and end users' feedback

Identify triggers impacting performance through application of new data tools, techniques and analyses

Determine the existing components and parameters in a network, software or system, that need to be updated, upgraded or replaced

Identify the costs, benefits and process impact of updating, upgrading or adding new components

Propose any new components to be added

Evaluate and integrate new technology, leverage analytics to optimise performance data, and determine implications

Oversee the end to end performance management of ICT networks, software or systems

Establish organisation- wide processes, combining several tools and metrics to measure overall network, system and/or software performance

Introduce new tools and technology to gather robust performance data, analyse data and identify triggers

Design internal processes and mechanisms to optimise and enhance the usage and applications of performance data gathered

Assess performance of networks, software or systems against the medium term business and user requirements

Evaluate performance reports and feedback, to determine implications on the network, software and system components

Manage the updating, upgrading and replacement of components

Chart direction on key performance indicators of ICT infrastructure

Project long term business requirements and assess ability of existing networks, software and systems to meet them

Define priorities and key performance indicators of infrastructure components based on the established business and ICT strategies

Oversee the end-to-end performance of the ICT function

Sustain desired performance levels during integration of ICT components, systems and services among different infrastructure layers

Develop a strategy for how performance data can be fully optimised to drive business value

Create a vision for integrating performance data with analytics

Initiate strategic investments to sustain or enhance performance of networks, software and systems in the long run

Evaluate the potential value added by updates, upgrades or significant changes to ICT infrastructure components