Network Slicing

Create logically partitioned networks from a shared infrastructure to provide optimised and customised services for different users based on service level agreements



Competency Area

Hazards Management


Design and maintain network slices to fulfil customers’ needs

Determine the input parameters to create and configure network slices

Check the catalogue if network slice blueprints exist for the network slices requested

Design the components for the network slices

Determine resources required for creation of network slices

Conduct regression tests to verify the network slice being created

Upload network slices into production system and validate network slice blueprints

Update network slice blueprint catalogue with newly created network slices

Carry out maintenance of network slices

Configure network slices to support multiple end-user services

Analyse the end-user services to determine the requirements for the network slices

Prepare and configure the corresponding network slices

Create dedicated network slices for end- user services

Select existing network slices which the end- user services share with other services

Arrange network functions to be included into network slices if new network slices are created

Modify network slices

Modify network slices to satisfy the end-user services

Monitor the service performance of created network slices

Modify network slices to enhance the service performance