Network Security

Design and configure network systems to ensure the integrity of network infrastructure through the use of appropriate protection, detection and response mechanisms



Competency Area

Development and Implementation


Install, configure and test network security

Identify and analyse network security threats and vulnerabilities

Propose recommendations to management to address network security deficiencies

Implement perimeter security, network hardening measures and authentication and user account controls according to identified deficiencies and organisational asset security requirements

Design and conduct testing to verify the key functions and performance measures of network security

Debug network security according to test results

Review logs and audit reports to record security incidents, intrusions and attempts

Manage network security throughout a network

Identify threats to network security

Analyse security risks

Determine organisational assets that require protection

Create risk management plans to mitigate risks

Define planning, building and management phases for network security design

Develop security measures for network components

Design auditing and incident response procedures

Document security incidents

Implement configurations aligned with incident response procedure design

Design and implement wireless network security

Conduct research and evaluate organisational, regulatory and security policies used to benchmark acceptable network security standards

Produce plans with security solution documentation for future growth and security needs

Design, implement and test guess access services

Configure WLAN controller authorisation, anchor and internal controllers

Design and configure authentication of clients and management frame protection on clients and controllers

Design, implement and test the integration of wireless network with organisational network admission and controls systems

Evaluate and plan secure wireless connectivity services

Evaluate end-to-end security solutions to assess how they integrate with the planned wireless systems

Configure and test the WLAN controllers for wired and wireless intrusion prevention and detection system security protection