Network Configuration

Configure network hardware and software components according to organisational guidelines and technical requirements. This includes the implementation and configuration of multiple servers, network devices and network management tools as well as the management of user network access to ensure stable and reliable network operations



Competency Area

Development and Implementation


Perform basic configuration of network components and monitor user network access

Carry out basic configuration of servers and devices in accordance with vendor and organisational specifications

Support user network access according to organisational specifications

Use network management tools appropriately

Implement and configure servers and devices in line with network blueprint, and manage user network access

Translate the organisational requirements to technical requirements

Identify the key network components to be configured to meet the technical requirements

Implement multiple servers and devices in line with the organisation’s network blueprint

Evaluate organisational network requirements and develop a network configuration blueprint

Determine organisation’s network requirements and priorities

Develop a configuration blueprint for multiple servers and devices, in accordance with vendor and organisational specifications

Establish guidelines for user network access