Network Administration and Maintenance

Monitor network in order to provide for optimum levels of network performance and minimisation of downtime. This includes detection, isolation, recovery and limitation of the impact of failures on the network as well as provision of support to system users through ongoing maintenance information sharing and training



Competency Area

Development and Implementation


Document network performance levels, and identify and isolate network faults

Maintain updated log and documentation of day to day levels of network performance

Follow detection or identification procedures to identify and isolate network faults

Resolve commonly- encountered network faults and failure using relevant network maintenance tools, in line with standard fault recovery procedures

Perform tests to identify any unresolved faults

Communicate relevant information and updates to be communicated to system users

Monitor network performance, investigate and resolve network faults or downtime

Monitor network performance and highlight areas for further review to optimise network performance

Identify potential impact of network faults and failures

Take appropriate action to isolate or limit network faults and failures

Resolve network faults and failures following broad recovery principles and procedures

Investigate the causes for unresolved faults and propose solutions that can address them

Develop required communication material for information sharing

Review, optimise and align network performance with business needs

Review network performance and determine areas for improvement, to optimise and align network performance with business needs

Assess incidents of network faults or downtime to direct recovery and resolution efforts

Determine the network updates and maintenance information to be rolled out

Program basic rules into software-defined networking (SDN) applications

Monitor the functioning and performance of SDN applications, controllers and components

Routenetwork's rules when required, to optimise network performance

Program adjustments to network-wide traffic flow to meet changing needs

Set network rules to support software-defined infrastructure and optimise performance in changing environments

Establish guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for network fault detection and recovery

Establish network maintenance processes to ensure performance is stable and optimal

Assess the readiness of network equipment and capabilities for emerging software-defined infrastructure

Determine appropriate network rules and desired behaviours to be programmed in accordance to the requirements of the network

Develop dynamic, automated SDN programmes to facilitate the rapid configuration, management and optimisation of network resources

Conduct more complex programming of rules for SDN applications

Direct overall network programming activities and performance

Re-direct network's rules and programme adjustments to optimise network performance in changing contexts and environments