Installation and Assembly

Install equipment and system components by evaluating product specifications and manufacturers’ recommendations and aligning them with the needs of the project



Competency Area

Construction Methods


Execute installation and assembly of equipment and system components

Interpret work requirements from sketches, specifications and/or blueprints

Oversee preparation of appropriate tools, equipment and materials for installation and assembly

Take appropriate measurements based on equipment specifications

Conduct installation of machine parts, equipment, and other devices according to specifications

Align connections with other equipment and systems as required

Coordinate installation and assembly work performed by vendors

Calibrate tools and installation equipment as per manufacturers' instructions

Document the installation processes in accordance with organisational procedures

Comply with quality and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) procedures in installation and assembly works

Determine installation and assembly requirements for specific equipment and system components

Verify installation and assembly works are conducted with accordance to required standards

Check equipment and systems are connected according to technical specifications

Outline safety procedures to adhere to during installation works and ensure compliance

Verify installations of new or non-standard equipment

Update documentation for installation and assembly works

Assess the suitability of equipment and system components to be installed

Develop specifications and detailed drawings or flowcharts to guide installation works

Review installation instructions and structural blueprints to ascertain specifications, procedures, and objectives are met

Direct the installation of equipment and systems performed by contractors

Review records of all installation works conducted

Ensure safety features meet regulatory requirements

Commission new equipment and systems for full-scale production

Develop installation and assembly plans to ensure sufficient resources and align with operational requirements

Liaise with key stakeholders to determine objectives of major installation works

Predict installation and assembly resource factors

Review budget requests for installation works

Develop an installation and assembly plan for major works including timeline and resource requirements and launch plan

Provide installation plans and resource requirements with other relevant metrics to senior management for approval

Verify achievement of key performance indicators of all installation and assembly works

Manage major installation and assembly works to ensure timeline and cost requirements are met

Manage vendors and contractors to ensure contractual requirements are met

Liaise with other departments to ensure the installation and assembly plans are aligned with project needs

Direct commissioning and launch activities