Infrastructure Support

Provide services to end users by systematically identifying, classifying and troubleshooting technical issues and incidents that disrupt and impact their day-to-day business activities, within a specified timeframe. This also includes implementing an end-to-end problem management process to analyse underlying problems, advising on infrastructure related upgrades and improvements and developing user guides and training materials



Competency Area

Operations and User Support


Follow a fixed set of procedures to execute basic infrastructure administration and support

Identify technical issues and problems in a timely and accurate manner

Record incidents according to standard protocols and incident management frameworks

Classify incidents and requests according to predetermined categories

Conduct basic troubleshooting for commonly-encountered infrastructure and network-problems

Follow a fixed set of procedures and instructions to execute simple, routine tasks related to infrastructure administration and support

Follow well-defined instructions and procedures from an action plan to carry out basic activities supporting network upgrade

Analyse issues or incidents encountered by users and conduct troubleshooting, and roll out upgrades

Analyse incidents or technical issues that impact infrastructure operations

Conduct troubleshooting for infrastructure and network-problems of low to mid-level complexity

Apply operational procedures from developed user guides to respond to ad-hoc user requests

Resolve technical issues or problems for end users within a defined turnaround time

Execute routine tasks related to the administration, configuration and support of infrastructure, in line with broad guidelines

Apply guidelines and processes from an action plan to carry out tasks and activities outlined in infrastructure upgrade plan

Identify warning indicators or significant declines in system and network performance following the roll out of upgrades or updates

Diagnose, troubleshoot and provide end-to-end management of infrastructure disruptions

Diagnose underlying technical problems or issues causing incidents and disruptions in infrastructure and network operations

Implement problem management procedures to resolve root causes of infrastructure-related incidents

Provide end-to-end management of technical issues and problems encountered by users, within an agreed timeframe

Perform infrastructure configuration and support activities at a higher level of difficulty or complexity

Develop an action plan and timeline for infrastructure upgrade activities

Propose ideas for infrastructure related upgrades and improvements based on current and future user needs

Test infrastructure systems in advance to assess impact of potential upgrades or updates on performance level

Organise information for the development of user guides and training materials for infrastructure administration activities

Develop plans and retain accountability for maximising service quality, speed and availability

Retain accountability for ensuring best possible levels of infrastructure support service quality and availability

Investigate highly complex technical issues or disruptions in infrastructure or network operations

Establish robust problem management process to restore smooth operations of IT infrastructure with minimal resolution time and impact of incidents on business operations

Develop effective and sustainable solutions to address technical problems or issues

Establish processes and manage resources to enable execution of infrastructure administrative and support activities

Evaluate costs and benefits of proposed ideas for infrastructure- related upgrades against current and future business requirements

Formulate a roadmap for infrastructure upgrades and improvements

Develop user guides and training materials for infrastructure administration activities