Infrastructure Deployment

Set up, deploy and decommission infrastructure components and associated equipment in accordance to a set plan and established safety and/or quality procedures. This includes the assessment and preparation of appropriate site locations, infrastructure, the development of an installation plan, layout at the site, the testing of on-site systems, infrastructure components, equipment and the correction of issues and/or malfunctions



Competency Area

Development and Implementation


Set up and remove basic infrastructure equipment, run basic tests on the on- site systems, components and equipment

Set up basic infrastructure and associated equipment in accordance to safety and quality standards

Run basic tests for on- site systems and equipment, to ensure proper functioning

Identify problems and issues at the site location, or non- compliance with safety standards

Perform basic checks and detect problems with infrastructure components

Correct commonly- encountered errors in infrastructure deployment and decommissioning

Report any complex issues or malfunctions observed with infrastructure components and equipment, escalating where required

Remove basic infrastructure and associated equipment in accordance to safety and quality standards

Deactivate and decommission infrastructure components, verify performance and resolve basic deployment issues

Prepare the site location in ensuring that necessary infrastructure is in place

Test on-site systems' performance and capacity to support requirements

Conduct basic impact analysis of new infrastructure deployment or removal

Deploy and decommission infrastructure components and associated equipment in accordance to a set plan and safety and quality procedures

Perform simple deactivation of system components, if required

Conduct installation tests on infrastructure components to check for performance

Document malfunctions in infrastructure components, and their corrections deployed

Resolve simple to semi- complex problems in infrastructure components and associated equipment using appropriate tools

Detail an infrastructure installation and testing plan for suitable site locations, resolving infrastructure malfunctions

Identify site locations and the infrastructure that would be required to serve the business requirements

Assess potential risk, infrastructure redundancy of systems and utilities at the site against safety and performance standards

Draft a detailed infrastructure installation plan and layout at the site, including suitable infrastructure components to support operations

Deploy and decommission software operating systems according to broad organisational direction and guidelines

Develop a comprehensive testing plan to assess stability, suitability and performance of on-site infrastructure and systems

Adapt a software system to its site environment

Identify potential causes and triggers of malfunctions in infrastructure components

Lead large-scale installation projects, involving deployment, and decommissioning of multiple deployment plans

Make decision on the installation and decommissioning of infrastructure components, in line with business priorities, user needs, and infrastructure lifecycles

Manage a broad view of the interconnections and interdependencies among infrastructure components

Determine the critical features and performance levels of infrastructure components required to support business needs

Lead large-scale installation projects, involving the integration and coordination of multiple hardware and software deployment plans

Identify appropriate middleware products or code conversion tools to facilitate infrastructure deployment

Develop scripts or programs to facilitate effective and efficient software or operating system deployment

Develop reliable, and sustainable solutions for complex infrastructure