Engineering Contract Management

Analyse and develop requirements to define contract structures, terms and financials



Competency Area

Procurement Management


Acquire information critical to the development of contracts

Collect data required for the scoping of contracts

Record findings and report to relevant stakeholders

Maintain contract-related documentation

Interpret terms and conditions in tenders and contracts

Draft contract specifications and terms to address business needs

Obtain tender process approvals

Draft recommended technical specifications to address business needs

Make recommendations for award of tenders

Review and recommend changes to contract specifications and terms

Design technical specifications and performance expectations according to business objectives

Review and modify contract specifications and terms to minimise financial and legal risks

Manage overall procurement processes and ascertain adherence to SOPs

Formulate contractual agreements to achieve organisational goals and protect the interests of the organisation

Develop overall strategies for tender evaluation

Formulate contracts which align with business goals of the organisation

Manage project and/or market uncertainties and risks through the contracting process

Establish principles to evaluate deviations from contract specifications and terms

Advise staff on handling deviations in accordance with contract specifications as well as risk management and legal frameworks of the organisation

Endorse and govern key decisions notwithstanding the terms and conditions outlined in contracts

Endorse all decisions pertaining to contracts

Endorse decisions pertaining to variations and deviations from contracts

Make decisions to suspend or terminate contracts

Grant extension of time for projects which are not able to abide by timelines stipulated in contracts