Disaster Recovery Management

Develop and implement internal policies, processes and arrangements to guide and enable the prompt recovery of critical IT infrastructure and systems following a crisis or disaster. This includes monitoring the efficiency and effectiveness of response to significant incidents or disruptions and reviewing the organisation's disaster recovery plan and processes.



Competency Area

Business and Project Management


Identify and implement recovery solutions to support disaster recovery strategies

Demonstrate awareness of commonly- encountered disasters, crises or exigencies

Analyse key business functions and operational requirements to recommend RTO and RPO of critical systems and processes

Develop safeguards and solutions alternate facilities, manual procedures, data centre recovery and back up processes to support disaster recovery strategies

Test out disaster recovery plans, and resolve operational issues that surface

Implement appropriate processes, systems and tools to ensure efficient recovery of critical IT infrastructure and systems following a disaster

Monitor outcomes of disaster recovery plan against key performance benchmarks

Implement follow-up actions to enhance effectiveness of disaster recovery processes

Design a disaster recovery plan and review recommendations for alternate solutions and recovery or back up procedures

Identify current trends in disasters, crises or exigencies that can impact business IT processes

Translate disaster recovery strategy into recovery plans for facilities, supply, user records, technical software and hardware, and data

Design a disaster recovery plan with clear objectives, scope, elements and optimal RTO and RPO parameters, as well as defined roles and responsibilities

Oversee the testing of disaster recovery plans and identify areas for enhancement

Review recommendations for mitigating safeguards and alternate solutions according to internal disaster recovery guidelines

Establish quality assurance method for disaster plan, using regulatory guidelines and key performance benchmarks

Review disaster recovery plans and processes to recommend process enhancements or system changes to improve overall effectiveness

Apply relevant global standards to the organisation's disaster recovery strategy, policies and guidelines

Anticipate potential disasters or crises, and future needs of the organisation's IT infrastructure

Incorporate suitable global standards in the development of disaster recovery strategy, policies and guidelines

Determine cost-effective recovery strategies, emphasizing recovery priorities for the business

Approve the disaster recovery plan, ensuring alignment of RTO, RPO, and supply, user, technical and data recovery processes with the organisation's disaster recovery policies and benchmarks

Develop key performance benchmarks to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of disaster recovery plan

Establish post-disaster assessment protocols to review disaster recovery effectiveness, and maintain oversight of results