Demand Analysis

Devise frameworks to assess market dynamics and execute analyses to uncover demand outlook of products or services



Competency Area

Business and Project Management


Assess demand outlook

Analyse demand and supply patterns to present demand and supply analysis findings

Analyse products to determine their characteristics and business viabilities

Analyse target markets of products to define its characteristics and impact on demand and supply

Utilise competition analysis to anticipate demand and supply for products

Assess the desirability and practicality of ongoing market development and undertake market development activities

Facilitate demand and supply needs analysis activities

Guide data or insights for demand and supply analysis

Review and provide additional insights for demand and supply analysis reports before submitting for endorsement

Evaluate findings or reports of market trends and industry development on impact on business strategies or business operations strategies

Utilise research tools, methodologies or related tools for getting inputs or data

Identify opportunities to influence the market

Define demand and supply analysis framework appropriate for organisation's demand analysis

Provide leadership, guidance and support in developing framework for data collection, assessing, understanding and integrating primary quantitative and qualitative data

Ensure effective planning, execution, utilisation and budgeting of research efforts

Establish procedures and guidelines for conducting demand and supply analysis

Establish research tools, methodologies or related tools for getting inputs or data

Establish criteria of evaluation for analysing demand and supply outlook of products