Data Migration

Plan and perform activities to migrate data between computer storage types or file formats



Competency Area

Operations and User Support


Prepare data migration, troubleshoot database errors faced, and validate migrated data post- migration to ensure accuracy

Perform extraction, transformation and de- duplication of data before migration

Install migration software and configure required hardware according to the communicated data migration plan

Apply tools to automate and accelerate the data migration process, according to a data migration plan

Perform standard manual transfer of data to new storage types, formats or systems according to data migration instructions

Apply data migration policies to move data in an orderly manner

Troubleshoot database errors or problems faced in database migration activities

Validate the migrated data to ensure accuracy

Document the data migration process.

Determine the business need for data migration and plan data migration activities,

Formulate a data migration plan to facilitate the transfer of data to new storage types, formats or computer systems

Communicate methodologies for data migration

Determine appropriate database management and migration tools and system software to be used, in ensuring they are fit for organisational purposes

Manage the installation of migration software and the configuration of required hardware

Validate post-migration statistics to determine data accuracy

Establish guidelines and strategies to minimise impact on daily business operations

Determine the business need for data migration

Gather impact of data migration activities on business operations and other potential risks or costs

Develop strategies to minimise impact of data migration on daily business operations

Set guidelines for migration documentation to facilitate tracking