Data Centre Facilities Management

Manage and maintain data centre resources, facilities and/or physical infrastructure to ensure smooth, stable and sustainable operations within data centres. This includes monitoring and managing energy supply requirements, availability and consumption, ensuring the necessary resources are in place to support a stable power supply and day-to-day management of data centre equipment. This involves the management of the physical environment / conditions within the data centre and implementation of security measures to safeguard the integrity of the data centre



Competency Area

Operations and User Support


Maintain required performance and security levels of data centre hardware and facility systems

Check performance levels of data centre hardware and facility systems against established technical standards to ensure proper functioning of existing infrastructure and processes

Conduct basic or routine installation, decommissioning, upgrades and replacements of data centre equipment or facilities, according to a fixed plan and guidelines

Assess energy supply availability and stability against the consumption rate to highlight limitations or red flags

Utilise proactive alerting and reporting systems or tools to highlight abnormal environmental changes in order to optimise system performance

Perform routine checks on data centre facilities against the organisation's security policies so as to highlight any issues or lapses

Maintain logs of physical access controls and environmental controls for compliance and knowledge retention purposes

Identify ideal environmental and restore data centre performance against security and service level requirements

Implement preventive maintenance activities to data centre infrastructure to ensure performance meets service-level requirements

Commission and decommission a broad range of data centre equipment, in line with the data centre infrastructure plan

Monitor data centre performance against service level requirements

Restore operations when lapses occur

Assess current consumption patterns in energy or resource supply and identify potential gaps for resource planning purposes

Propose ideal environmental conditions for data centre facilities operations according to best practices and design specifications

Establish physical access controls for data centre facilities based on organisational security guidelines

Undertake capacity and resource planning for data protocols and security guidelines in data centre management

Undertake capacity planning for data centre facilities based on design specifications

Allocate financial, physical and human resources in accordance to the facilities management plan

Develop Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)s in data centre management, in alignment with the broader facilities management plan and service level agreements

Assess current performance of data centre infrastructure, hardware and equipment

Manage required updates, installation, replacements or decommissioning of hardware and equipment

Determine optimal levels of energy supply capacity, availability and stability to support current and future data centre needs

Establish security guidelines for the storage, management and handling of data centre infrastructure, equipment and information

Develop a data centre facilities management plan, infrastructure and technical needs and enhancements

Develop a data centre facilities management plan, detailing the design of data centre infrastructure and projected resource requirements and costs

Translate service level requirements to technical requirements for the data centre

Evaluate established technical standards, technologies and performance feedback against service level requirements

Refine facilities management plan based on evaluation outcomes and considerations of resource availability and costs

Chart future plans for capacity enhancements to data centre facilities