Cyber Risk Management

Develop cyber risk assessment and treatment techniques that can effectively pre-empt and identify significant security loopholes and weaknesses, demonstration of the business risks associated with these loopholes and provision of risk treatment and prioritisation strategies to effectively address the cyber-related risks, threats and vulnerabilities identified to ensure appropriate levels of protection, confidentiality, integrity and privacy in alignment with the security framework



Competency Area

Governance and Compliance


Develop cyber risk assessment techniques and roll-out endorsed measures

Develop cyber risk assessment techniques to identify security loopholes and weaknesses in the business

Design cyber risk assessments by consolidating insights from the business and various functions

Identify cyber security risks, threats and vulnerabilities

Assess and direct enhancements and develop strategies to address cyber security loopholes

Guide the development of cyber risk assessment techniques

Pre-empt risks, vulnerabilities and threats across organisation policies, processes and defences

Evaluate effectiveness of current cyber risk assessment techniques

Direct improvements or modifications to vulnerability assessment

Evaluate the readiness and robustness of the organisation's cyber security defences

Establish organisation's position and strategy for assessing and managing cyber risk

Determine security testing policies and authorise the management of all testing activities within the organisation

Articulate implications of potential cyber threats on requirements of organisational readiness