Contract Administration and Management

Develop contracts to determine suitable conditions of contract, and optimise the contract administration and management process taking into consideration the nature of the project



Competency Area

Procurement Management


Support the documentation processes of contract administration and management

Gather information for relevant types of contracts based on the types of construction methods and approaches

Check contract details

Document standard conditions of contracts

Catalogue contracts in system upon agreement

Develop contracts and support contract management

Understand the latest development in contract and construction law

Edit contract clauses

Review conditions of contracts

Track adherence to contract terms

Monitor contract milestones and expiries to facilitate contract renewals as necessary

Report contract progress to relevant stakeholders

Execute contract administration tasks

Provide records and documentation to support contract dispute resolutions

Ensure contracts comply with relevant regulatory acts

Advise on contracts and overall contract management

Review contracts to suggest amendments

Approve new contracts

Negotiate contract terms as required

Advise on best practices for document control techniques

Identify contractual issues against contract terms

Lead contract management discussions

Initiate post-contract analyses, evaluation and reporting

Advise on contractual risks

Formulate strategies for contract administration and management

Lead strategic contract reviews

Collaborate with legal department and external legal teams

Drive establishment of standard contract administration and management processes

Manage contract disputes

Determine risk mitigation strategies for contractual risks

Drive collaborative contracting practices

Encourage cooperation amongst relevant stakeholders for collaborative contracting