Computer Vision Technology

Develop and deploy vision analytics algorithm and spatial sensing and/or reasoning systems



Competency Area

Development and Implementation


Set-up and deploy video analytics algorithms and perform system performance evaluations

Identify the needs of vision systems technology in industrial applications

Apply the principles of processing, filtering and analysis methods for video data

Analyse global feature descriptions

Design and implement feature extraction and representation methods

Design and apply machine-learning based methods for object detection, object tracking and activity recognition

Design and apply video analytics algorithms for high-level video analytics tasks

Design the architecture of appplied vision systems

Design, develop and evaluate edge-based and cloud-based systems

Build spatial sensing and spatial reasoning systems

Evaluate and implement sensor data models and representation methods

Analyse local and global feature extraction and descriptions for 3D scenes

Design and implement scene scanning and mapping methods

Design and apply machine learning-based methods for 3D object and scene recognition

Analyse the representation of video data in spatial and temporal domain

Design prototypes with audio-visual sense making

Process, filter and analyse video data in real time using modelling and processing models

Analyse the object trajectory using classification and clustering methods

Perform object tracking and action recognition in video sequences in realtime

Analyse audio signal representation in spatial and frequency domain

Design and apply audio classification methods using machine learning techniques

Design real-time audio- visual sense making systems