Computational Modelling

Develop, select and apply algorithms and advanced computational methods to enable systems or software agents to learn, improve, adapt and produce desired outcomes or tasks. This also involves the interpretation of data, including the application of data modelling techniques to explore and address a specific issues or requirements



Competency Area

Development and Implementation


Identify and utilise appropriate statistical algorithms and data models to test hypotheses and derive patterns or solutions

Identify appropriate statistical algorithms and data models to test hypotheses or theories

Use appropriate analytics platforms and analytical tools given specific analytics and reporting requirements

Utilise a range of statistical methods and analytics ap proaches to data

Conduct statistical modelling of data to derive patterns and/or solutions

Perform coding and configuration of software agents or programs based on a selected model or algorithm

Conduct tests on the actions taken and outcomes to assess effectiveness of the model

Diagnose unintended outcomes produced by analytical models

Propose changes or updates to the model or algorithms applied

Implement changes to the coding and configuration of software agents or programs

Draw relevant trends and insights from data analysis to support decisions

Develop and utilise new algorithms and advanced statistical models to enable the production of desired outcomes

Evaluate prospective analytical tools and platforms for their functional capabilities and ability to meet requirements of the analytic environment

Develop new algorithms to enable the learning, improvement, adaptation or reproduction of outcomes

Develop regression models, including linear, multiple and logistic regression models

Develop mathematical models to isolate trends and optimise data-driven decision making

Create learning models with a discrete set of environment states, actions and reinforcement signals

Develop testing procedures to evaluate the data model

Analyse root causes of any issues highlighted

Facilitate changes to statistical models, to optimise performance and yield intended outcomes

Apply complex and advanced statistical analysis and modelling techniques

Uncover underlying relationships among different variables

Design advanced statistical and computational models, application of algorithms and modelling techniques

Direct data analytics and statistical modelling efforts across the organisation

Make decisions on appropriate data analytics and computational methodologies to the problem

Design complex or advanced statistical and computational models

Evaluate a broad range of algorithms and advanced computational methods to determine suitability for business context

Spearhead the application of algorithms, models and computational techniques to new domains

Establish guidelines for the creation and selection of effective algorithms and statistical models

Synthesise critical findings and insights to address a significant business need or problem