Audit and Compliance

Develop compliance processes and audit strategy for the organisation to review adherence to statutory regulatory and standards assessment and organisation's internal controls to align with changing compliance standards.



Competency Area

Governance and Compliance


Conduct audits, analyse results and implement changes to address identified gaps

Conduct audit activities in line with the organisation's compliance processes and guidelines, using appropriate methodologies and tools

Analyse audit results and highlight identified process gaps or key instances of non-compliance

Propose improvements to existing compliance processes and measures to address major risks

Implement changes in the performance of audits in alignment with changes in internal compliance standards or external regulatory guidelines

Develop and enhance compliance processes in business and IT operations

Develop compliance processes in accordance with the organisation's strategy and internal and external guidelines

Evaluate audit results to identify reasons for gaps or non-compliance in business and IT operations

Recommend enhancements to of gaps in business and IT operations enhancements to compliance processes to strengthen the organisation's internal controls

Establish audit and compliance strategy and objectives for robustness of internal controls the organisation

Establish audit and compliance strategy and objectives for the organisation, considering emerging trends, approaches and industry best practices

Oversee alignment of audit and compliance strategy with internal business requirements and priorities as well as external regulations and standards

Evaluate root causes and potential organisational impact or risks of non-compliance so as to prioritise the areas that require further enhancement

Endorse enhancements to critical compliance processes, to improve the robustness of the organisation's internal controls