Asbestos Risk Management

Formulate management plans and implement control measures for the management of asbestos



Competency Area

Hazards Management


Identify asbestos hazards and evaluate the risks using established methods

Identify the types, likely sources and uses of asbestos and other fibres at the workplace and their health effects

Plan for the conduct of asbestos-containing materials surveys at the workplace in compliance with legal and other requirements

Conduct bulk sampling, air and clearance sampling of asbestos and other fibres in accordance with recognised sampling methods

Recommend rsik control measures

Recommend control measures and safe disposal measures

Minimise the risk of exposure to asbestos based on the asbestos surveys

Identify alternates

Undertake risk mitigation efforts and safe disposal of asbestos

Formulate asbestos management plans in accordance with legal and other requirements on asbestos

Review the asbestos management plans upon the completion of

asbestos removal work

Assess asbestos risks based on the analyses of bulk samples and air sampling results, risk assessment methodologies and occupational exposure standards