Applications Integration

Integrate data or functions from one application program with that of another application program - involves development of an integration plan, programming and the identification and utilisation of appropriate middleware to optimise the connectivity and performance of disparate applications across target environments



Competency Area

Development and Implementation


Integrate data and functions across application programs, and perform follow up tests to verify proper functioning

Identify opportunities for creating connections among various devices, databases, software and applications

Perform feasibility scan and assessment to identify potential middleware to be used

Utilise middleware to integrate data and functions across application programs within an enterprise

Support API-level integration

Perform tests and checks on the connections between disparate application programs

Verify proper functioning of modules and applications across multiple or integrated platforms

Highlight technical, compatibility or performance issues following integration of applications or platforms on which they are used

Implement modifications to middleware or the programming process to enhance the integration and connections of application programs

Oversee end-to-end process of application integration, determining suitable middleware and testing procedures and resolving issues that arise

Evaluate opportunities for creating connections among various hardware and applications

Develop an application integration plan to bring data and functionalities of different applications together

Evaluate suitable middleware to be used for integrating existing applications

Program middleware or other tools to enable effective integration of applications within

Perform API-level integration

Oversee the end-to-end process of application integration to the target environment

Enable optimal functioning of modules or applications in newly- integrated environments and platforms

Develop testing procedures to ensure proper application integration and performance thereafter

Investigate issues or failures of application integration

Facilitate modifications to improve the success of integration between application programs

Establish a business case for application integration

Establish organisational strategy for the integration of different applications across target environments and platforms

Make decisions to spearhead innovative and inventive opportunities and ways to connect and integrate various types of hardware and software

Build a business case for the integration of multiple applications

Develop an application integration strategy

Introduce new and emerging middleware products, tools and methodologies for application integration

Develop new middleware products to enable cross-enterprise application integration

Assess feasibility of API- level integration

Approve modifications and enhancements to the application integration plan and approach