Applications Development

Develop applications based on the design specifications; encompassing coding, testing, debugging, documenting and reviewing and/or refining it across the application development stages in accordance with defined standards for development and security.



Competency Area

Development and Implementation


Develop basic applications with secure features, run routine application tests, and conduct debugging to resolve errors

Develop and/or program simple applications or components according to agreed specifications

Re-use externally developed components in creation of applications

Identify possible security features required to address potential security risks and vulnerabilities

Embed user interface templates into

applications according to design guidelines and specifications

Run routine software tests to identify defects, errors and/or security vulnerabiltiies

Perform unit testing of each unit of the codes to ensure that the code works according to application requirements

Apply basic debugging tools and techniques to reproduce, simplify and resolve application errors or problems

Make simple revisions and modifications to existing application

Add new application components or features, according to endorsed recommendations

Document the internal design of the application for future maintenance and enhancement

Write application programming interfaces (APIs)

Perform bundling of application code and relevant files to enhance the deployment and utilisation of the application code

Apply suitable debugging techniques & resolve complex errors

Create a project plan to guide the application development process

Determine the server, scripting and mark-up languages required to develop applications

Determine key security requirements, standards and features for the application

Develop applications in line with design specifications, utilising a range of tools, methodologies, programming, and externally developed codes

Design templates for reusable user interface patterns for applications

Assess suitability of various software security and software testing techniques and select appropriate tests, according to the application properties of interest

Evaluate test results against desired performance, standards, and usability outcomes

Analyse application and/or security issues encountered, and determine actions required to resolve identified issues

Resolve functional, performance, and security issues in applications

Plan a series of steps which potentially includes reconfiguration, integration, removal or addition of application components to enhance the application's functionality, usability and security

Plan bundling of application code and relevant files to enhance the deployment and utilisation of the application code

Lead large-scale or business-critical application development projects

Evaluate implications of new and emerging trends on application development

Plan large-scale or business-critical application development projects

Determine application development methodologies, tools, and programming languages

Manage interdependencies of multiple work streams and complexity in applications development

Establish an efficient and effective application testing process that includes vulnerability assessments and secure testing

Oversee application development approaches and plans to ensure achievement of quality, safety and security standards

Establish debugging process for application issues encountered

Review recommendations to improve the overall functionality, usability and security of applications, against cost, efficiency and viability considerations

Evaluate new technologies, secure coding and practices that will enhance security capabilities in applications development

Evaluate feasibility and incorporate predictive behaviour or data analytics, geo-spatial capabilities and other advanced features in application development