Additive Manufacturing

Design and apply additive manufacturing workflows to create three-dimensional objects



Competency Area

Production Management


Operate additive manufacturing (AM) equipment to produce product prototypes

Interpret technical drawings and specifications in order to create stand-alone two- dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) prototypes under supervision

Apply suitable AM techniques based on product specifications and functions

Operate AM equipment

Carry out troubleshooting on AM equipment and machineries

Report anomalies in production and escalate issues for further actions

Deploy additive manufacturing (AM) processes for the production of three-dimensional (3D) prototypes

Analyse technical drawings and specifications in order to create 3D prototypes with moving parts

Develop AM component modelling plans to meet requirements

Determine AM techniques to be applied based on product specifications and functions

Determine materials to be used based on selected AM techniques

Deploy suitable AM processes based on concept and prototyping requirements

Estimate lead-times, costs and schedules

Organise AM process sequencing to maximise efficiency

Maintain process conformance through use of relevant analysis and error checking software

Evaluate the effectiveness and sustainability of implemented additive manufacturing (AM) processes for improvements

Analyse and determine material considerations of components to be manufactured

Analyse process-related issues for using direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), selective laser sintering (SLS), selective laser melting (SLM), powder bed and inkjet head, and/or three- dimensional (3D) printing for AM

Determine processes and procedures for manufacturing metallic and non-metallic components using AM

Evaluate use of reverse engineering processes for components through 3D scanning and subsequent AM

Apply optimisation techniques to improve efficiency of AM processes and product quality

Assess the impact of manufacturing process improvements

Formulate new additive manufacturing (AM) workflows to streamline manufacturing processes

Review methodologies for high speed metallic and liquid-based AM of components

Analyse the physical and chemical properties of components to determine appropriate AM materials and recipes

Evaluate the use of EBM, LAAM, SLA, 3D polymer jetting and/or fused filament fabrication for AM

Build business cases for implementing AM

Formulate AM processes and procedures for manufacturing components

Ensure procedures and operations are implemented according to plans and workplace safety and health (WSH) requirements

Determine post- processing procedures for manufacturing components using AM

Explore wider applications of additive manufacturing (AM) methods

Evaluate the benefits and trade-offs of implementing AM to the organisation

Assess the impact and risks of AM on manufacturing operations and supply chain operations

Assess the impact and risks of external conditions on implementation of AM

Develop organisational AM application strategies in alignment with assessment results

Prepare business cases for implementing AM that satisfy business and legislative requirements

Evaluate the AM integration plans to satisfy manufacturing requirements