3D Modelling

Generate 3D models using a variety of modelling software to represent characteristics of a real-world system.



Competency Area

Technical Drawing


Use 3D modelling software to create basic three- dimensional models

Create basic 3D models using 3D modelling software

Comply with ISO and SS for 3D models

Apply mathematical frameworks in modelling 3D objects

Apply basic modelling strategies and techniques to create basic designs

Use multiple 3D modelling software to create advanced three-dimensional models

Apply advanced modelling strategies and techniques to create complex designs

Utilise multiple 3D modelling software and tools

Select suitable 3D modelling software for design creation

Ensure models are created in adherence to the International Standard Organisation (ISO)

Analyse 3D models to validate project plans and design quality

Review and analyse 3D models with the use of analysis tools and techniques

Conduct scenario visualisation for 3D modelling

Run simulations to test 3D models

Test what-if scenarios

Validate project plans

Test feasibility of designs

Identify problems with design quality

Ensure project plans and designs are compliant with relevant International Standard Organisation (ISO) and Standards (SS)

Explore and apply key animation principles and techniques to create 3D animation for VR


Drive new processes that adopt 3D modelling technologies

Determine potential uses of the 3D models

Establish modelling responsibilities for the various scopes of work

Establish work breakdown structure for3D modelling design

Create schedule that identifies key modelling activities

Develop conflict resolution processes

Drive new maintenance processes that adopt 3D modelling technologies

Ensure procedures and operations are implemented according to plan and WSH requirements

Assess efficiency and effectiveness of 3D modelling to the maintenance processes