Commissioning and Start-up Management

Manage the commissioning and start-up of new or modified equipment, components and systems into operational modes



Competency Area

Construction Methods


Execute work activities for commissioning and start-up of equipment, components and systems

Support commissioning and start-up activities

Carry-out visual inspections as required

Carry out functional and performance tests as required

Check operation of equipment, components and systems

Calibrate and adjust equipment, components and systems based on indicators

Execute replacement of faulty equipment, and secure them in accordance with specifications and organisation procedures

Assist with preparation of commissioning and start- up reports

Apply relevant WSH procedures for a given work area

Interpret commissioning and start-up work processes to conduct commissioning and start-up activities

Conduct commissioning and start-up support activities

Provide discipline specific support on fault finding and troubleshooting of equipment

Review and critique as- built drawings

Conduct and technically support completions and punch list action closeouts

Perform system integrity and functional and performance checks

Prepare commissioning and start-up reports

Apply relevant WSH procedures for a given work area

Establish commissioning and start-up work processes and procedures and coordinate with stakeholders

Review pre- commissioning and commissioning activities in area of expertise

Manage discipline specific fault-finding and troubleshooting

Manage test runs and equipment performance runs

Monitor and report commissioning and start- up progress activities against plan

Review contractor and vendor commissioning and start-up activities

Review commissioning and start-up reports

Identify defects and malfunctions from testing and commissioning results with relevant guidelines

Verify system and design faults using appropriate technical information, fault finding and diagnostic techniques to identify equipment, component and system irregularities and non- conformances

Identify follow-up actions for identified irregularities and non-conforming equipment, components or


Drive planning and implementation of commissioning and start-up work of new or modified equipment and systems

Determine commissioning and start- up requirements according to specifications, design drawings and regulatory requirements

Formulate effective commissioning and start- up strategic plans

Formulate testing and commissioning policies and parameters

Lead and oversee all pre- commissioning and commissioning activities

Validate testing and commissioning procedures to ensure compliance with requirements and specifications

Approve commissioning test results

Accountable for commissioning and start- up risk assessments

Drive handover and completions certification processes

Verify commissioning documentation in accordance with organisation’s requirements