Change Management

Plan and systematic execution of processes to facilitate the transition of individuals, teams and organisations to a desired end state in a manner that is seamless, sustainable and aligned with business objectives. This includes the redirection of resources, business processes, finances and operating models, as well as stakeholder engagement to facilitate implementation and maximise adoption.



Competency Area

Business and Project Management


Develop communications to prepare stakeholders for the change

Apply change control procedures in regular work processes based on endorsed changes

Provide suggestions for tweaks to business processes or operations to support changes and transitions effectively

Identify impact of change to employees and stakeholders

Develop communication materials to inform and educate affected employees and stakeholders

Identify associated costs and resources required to facilitate basic, small- scale changes

Document change impact on workplace performance and processes, against key performance benchmarks or success indicators

Recommend business activities required to integrate and roll out new changes and drive the execution of change

Drive execution of change control procedures based on an implementation plan for endorsed change requests

Identify business activities or processes required to integrate and roll out new changes in the business environment

Analyse resources and cost-impact of changes, highlighting where people, resources or finances need to be redirected

Deliver communications to engage and seek the buy-in of affected employees of the change

Deliver training to equip affected employees to manage change and change impact

Identify potential pitfalls, obstacles or challenges to smooth adoption and implementation of changes

Assess change performance against new key performance benchmarks

Implement follow-up actions to address any change performance issues

Develop business readiness plan to facilitate changes and transitions, and plan change control procedures

Articulate the purpose and reasons for a significant change

Plan change control procedures for IT initiatives across the organisation

Develop business readiness plan, considering the resources, elements, capabilities and activities required for effective, smooth transition

Determine readiness level of business users for upcoming changes and identify readiness gaps

Plan a series of engagement activities to secure stakeholder commitment to the success of change implementation before introducing the change

Drive stakeholder education or training initiatives to build internal capability and change readiness

Direct internal resources, to facilitate the move to the desired end state of the change

Maintain oversight of change performance against set goals and benchmarks post- implementation

Establish change management strategy, define key success indicators and inspire shared commitment

Establish the organisation's change management strategy and policies with reference to appropriate frameworks, industry best practices and business requirements

Define vision and objectives for organisation-wide change

Determine key performance benchmarks and change success indicators

Maintain a business perspective on how change initiatives are integrated into the business, considering potential impact on business cycles, stakeholders and operations

Orchestrate the organisation toward desired objectives and end state of a change or transition

Design strategic implementation plan, covering all business activities, key personnel and resources required to prepare the organisation for an IT change or transition

Outline key stakeholder engagement messages to be communicated throughout the change process to generate shared commitment to change