Business Requirements Mapping

Map business requirements to existing processes to identify gaps or opportunities for possible solutions and evaluate impact of solutions against requirements to propose adjustments as needed



Competency Area

Business and Project Management


Map business requirements to existing processes to identify gaps and/or opportunities

Identify relevant stakeholders in the organisation and information sources to gather data

Record and identify business requirements

Determine needs of stakeholders within business process context

Develop preliminary mapping of business requirements to existing processes

Identify gaps or opportunities in existing processes

Manage stakeholders to align business requirements

Gather data on implementation outcomes

Test relevant solutions or programmes and impact of solutions and/or programmes

Understand interests of key stakeholders and organisation

Assess data collection methods

Verify and categorise business requirements

Analyse mapping of business requirements to existing processes and/or solutions to identify gaps or improvement opportunities

Prioritise findings to identify key requirements and objectives to be achieved

Develop solutions to identified gaps and opportunities in collaboration with stakeholders

Evaluate impact of solutions and programmes in meeting identified business requirements

Identify common feasibility issues

Highlight adjustments required for better alignment between requirements and outcomes

Assess alignment between solutions, requirements and eventual outcomes

Define overall strategies, objectives and priorities for business requirement mapping and solutioning activities

Evaluate business requirements in line with business strategies, objectives and priorities

Determine priorities to address business requirements

Determine criteria for assessing alignment of business requirement mapping, solutions and intended outcomes

Review and suggest improvements for proposed solutions to address gaps and opportunities identified

Review and suggest solutions to address common feasibility issues and business requirement misalignment issues

Evaluate alignment between business solutions and intended outcomes

Propose improvements to business solutions