Text Analytics and Processing

Identify, extract and analyse text data using text analytics solutions to discover themes, patterns and trends



Competency Area

Operations and User Support


Analyse text data to discover themes, patterns and trends to improve business processes and decision making

Identify text analytics solutions and platform requirements based on the business requirements and analytical objectives

Define the metadata and corpus for the data to be imported into the text analytics repository

Develop standardised sets of text analytics artifacts with the relevant stakeholders

Develop term- document frequency matrices to enable look-up of text and documents within the corpus

Modify the text analytics solutions to ensure that it produces the expected results

Define the processes to perform text analytics based on the business requirements and text analytics artifacts

Detect and classify sentiments in textual data from social media

Implement advanced machine learning techniques in building natural language processing (NLP) models

Identify common tasks associated with text data

Represent text data word as embeddings and reviews similarity measures for word semantics

Model text as n-gram language models and RNN

Determine the machine learning approach suitable for text data analytics

Train the model by monitoring and tweaking its sub- components

Determine the strategies to be used to augment memory networks

Design and implement systems that can interact with users using spoken or written natural language

Determine the roles that systems with conversational UI can play in fielded applications

Identify and analyse the main components and the architectures of conversational interfaces

Design conversational UI following practical methodologies and strategies

Develop applications with conversational UI using traditional and machine learning approaches

Generate responses to the users through natural language generation

Evaluate the performance of the conversational UI using appropriate metrics

Handle speech input and output for conversational UI using prevalent techniques