System Integration

Develop and implement a roadmap and specific integration solutions to facilitate integration of various ICT components and optimise inter-operability of systems and their interfaces. This includes the integration of various architectural components such as networks, servers, system platforms and their interfaces



Competency Area

Design and Architecture


Perform basic compatibility assessments and integrate selected system components according to a plan

Conduct basic compatibility assessment of specific components, sub-systems and their interfaces

Utilise basic integration tools to integrate selected system components, using protocols that are accepted at each interface

Test the selected system components or interfaces to identify any incompatibility issues

Identify integration errors and conduct basic troubleshooting

Propose potential changes or modifications to integration plan based on observed integration outcomes

Determine interoperability of system components and develop a system integration plan

Determine how system components can interoperate with one another to exchange data and information or trigger an event

Synthesise technical architecture documents for the ICT systems and components to be integrated

Identify technical requirements and dependencies of integrating multiple networks based on the integration roadmap

Develop a integration solution or plan to address a specific organisation requirement

Utilise identified tools and techniques to carry out integration of multiple, complex network components and services across different platforms and carriers

Make modifications to integration plans based on feedback provided

Design a feasible integration roadmap, monitor system integration outcomes and drive enhancements

Develop a high-level view of the interoperability of various components, based on the envisioned architectural design

Review technical architecture documents for the Infocomm Technology systems and components to be integrated

Evaluate technical considerations, feasibility and implications of integrating multiple systems and components according to the integration strategy

Design an integration roadmap comprising a suite of system integration solutions

Identify suitable tools and techniques to facilitate system integration and interoperability of components

Manage outcomes of system integration

Provide expert advice on and direct high-level modifications to the integration plan, so as to optimise success and performance

Establish an integration strategy and a clear vision for an integrated ICT architectural design.

Establish a clear vision for an integrated Infocomm Technology architectural design to achieve desired outcomes

Evaluate business requirements to identify system integration objectives

Pre-empt risks and impact of integration to other networks and processes

Drive integration strategy to achieve integration objectives and desired impact

Introduce new or advanced tools that effectively address the integration requirements

Evaluate proposed integration approaches, taking into consideration business needs, and the associated costs, time and resources