Software Testing

Assess and test the overall effectiveness and performance of an application, involving the setting up of suitable testing conditions, definition of test cases and/or technical criteria



Competency Area

Feasibility Assessment


Draft simple test scenarios, and perform software testing procedures, highlighting bugs or glitches affecting performance

Draft standard test cases or scenarios

Prepare testing environment for testing based on technical criteria and specifications

Execute testing procedures

Assess test results for unexpected outcome

Document details of failures or glitches that surface from the test

Design test scenarios and implement new or complex tests, investigating issues or gaps between actual and expected results

Design test scenarios or cases to cover a broad range of scenarios for the application

Determine appropriate tests, execution conditions and expected results

Define technical criteria and specifications for tests

Implement new, complex or advanced tests

Define the testing objectives and criteria for success and oversee the testing and follow up processes for software products

Define the testing objectives

Establish guidelines and criteria for success for various software tests

Review test cases, technical criteria and specifications of tests

Oversee testing process for software products

Evaluate outcomes and patterns in test results in-depth