Security Programme Management

Develop and manage security solutions, products and services through technology innovation, experimentation and collaboration. This includes security programme planning, developing and testing new security capabilities and implementing security technologies and programmes



Competency Area

Development and Implementation


Detail the security requirements for system architecture components and implement security programmes

Assess the current level of security capabilities in enterprise system components

Detail the security requirements for system architecture components

Liaise with stakeholders to co-develop security products and services

Pilot the developed security programme, product or service, checking for effectiveness and compatibility

Manage large system initiatives and collaborations with programmers to develop new security solutions and capabilities

Review security robustness and risks of existing system architecture

Develop objectives of security systems and programmes

Manage large scale or complex secure system programmes and initiatives

Lead collaboration to develop new security solutions, products, services or capabilities

Spearhead new, complex or revolutionary security programmes, and integrate into a cohesive security architecture

Apply new, revolutionary security solutions, programmes and capabilities required by the organisation

Manage culture of innovation and experimentation in security programme development

Review business viability and value of security programmes