Manufacturing Equipment Operation and Control

Operate production equipment ensuring optimal conditions for biopharmaceuticals manufacturing production



Competency Area



Implement procedures to operate manufacturing equipment

Calibrate the manufacturing equipment

Operate the equipment in accordance with SOPs

Perform routine checks on the operations of equipment to verify the processes and products acceptability in accordance with SOPs and quality standards

Monitor critical parameters

Take corrective actions to adjust equipment and other affected machinery operations

Report variations, faults or hazards in equipment operations to authorised personnel

Perform cleaning and maintenance of manufacturing equipment after use

Dispose waste and rejected by-products appropriately

Update documentation at key stages following the completion of the manufacturing processes

Verify conditions and operations of equipment and implement changes to optimise their functioning from pre-commissioning to shut-down

Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for equipment operations

Verify the conditions and operations of manufacturing equipment components

Oversee equipment preparation and start- up

Perform procedural and safety checks on manufacturing and emergency response equipment prior to starting, during normal operations, during shut- down and during upset conditions

Verify that waste and rejected by-products are disposed of appropriately

Direct changes to critical parameters to adjust or restore equipment to optimal functioning

Resolve identified defects or faults in equipment parts or operations

Identify needs for and completion of equipment maintenance works

Mitigate risks associated with identified hazards relating to manufacturing equipment operations

Establish guidelines for the commissioning, operations and integration of manufacturing equipment in the plants

Maintain oversight of manufacturing equipment conditions and performance

Evaluate viability of commissioning new manufacturing equipment

Determine suitable timings and conditions for shut-down of manufacturing equipment and units

Establish guidelines and performance indicators of optimal equipment functioning, as well as the parameters and conditions which influence them

Write programming codes for computerised or automated manufacturing equipment

Train team members on equipment parameters and conditions to be adjusted for optimisation of performance

Provide advice to resolve highly technical or complex defects, faults or breakdowns in equipment parts or overall operations

Establish processes and mechanisms to manage risks and hazards associated with manufacturing equipment operations