Internal Audit Engagement Execution

Execute and review internal audit engagements, document and communicate findings in accordance with the International Professional Practices Framework



Competency Area

Internal Audit


Perform audit procedures

Apply audit procedures according to the audit engagement plan

Apply audit methodologies and carry out audit procedures

Apply due professional care in execution of audit procedures

Ensure that engagement deadlines and objectives are met

Select and apply the appropriate tools and techniques to information gathering and analysis

Obtain reliable, relevant and sufficient evidence

Develop working papers that truly reflect all activities performed during the audit engagement

Identify preliminary key observations, findings, risk responses and recommendations in clear and concise manner

Supervise and review engagements

Supervise teams to work within the agreed timeline

Manage and resolve conflicts with internal and external stakeholders

Review audit working papers to ensure that they sufficiently document information obtained, analysis made, and support conclusions

Determine sufficiency of audit work done and evidence collated to support the findings

Develop preliminary findings and formulate recommendations that deal with root causes of issues and impact to the organisation

Present and discuss findings with process owners

Apply and implement agile processes in engagement execution

Develop, implement and monitor project plans to ensure delivery in accordance with agreed timelines

Evaluate critically that audit evidence is reliable, relevant and sufficient

Evaluate root causes, findings identified and recommendations formulated

Engage stakeholders to communicate results of engagements

Identify and escalate strategic implications to the organisation from audit engagement findings

Evaluate that significant risk exposures and control issues, including fraud risk and governance issues are covered in the final engagement communication

Resolve findings and issues with senior management

Communicate audit engagement results to senior management and board in an objective manner