Technical Sales Support

Develop preliminary technical solutions, proposal or initial prototypes to address customers' needs. This includes analysis and diagnosis of customers' technical requirements, design of proof of concept, and delivery of product demonstrations and/or customisation samples as part of broader end-to-end solution to customers



Competency Area

Sales and Marketing


Perform technical product demonstrations and shortlist potential solutions, resolving technical issues to meet customers' requirements

Record customer’s technical requirements

Assist customers in resolving basic technical issues, with reference to standard guidelines

Shortlist potential product and service solutions that can meet customers' needs

Deliver technical product demonstrations

Communicate technical details and functions of products effectively to customers

Support sale of technical solutions

Analyse technical requirements and draft proof-of-concept for technical solutions to customers

Analyse technical requirements or non-standard customer requests

Explain technical nuances, pros and cons of various solutions to the customer

Support development of customised IT products, services and prototypes

Model the proposed product and solution

Guide internal and external stakeholders in understanding technical details and functions of products and services offered

Draft proof-of-concept to support sales efforts

Identify appropriate solutions to meet customer’s needs

Lead the design of customised technical solutions, demonstrating their value in relation to the broader end-to-end solutions delivered

Diagnose customers’ IT product and service needs

Justify suitable technical solutions to address customers' needs

Support the role of a specific technical product in the broader end-to-end solution delivered to customers

Develop value demonstrations and proof-of-concept models

Lead the design of customised technical solutions and programmes to meet customers’ unique set of requirements

Lead the sale of technical products and services to key clients

Synthesise high-level trends requirements, and lead enterprise-wide proposals for technical products and solutions

Synthesise high-level trends and changes in customer’s technical requirements

Lead the design of enterprise-wide proposals for technical products and solutions to potential customers

Direct the development of technical solutions, product prototypes and models

Anticipate how technical aspects of a specific product can impact or be impacted by other elements in a broader, end-to-end solution

Provide expert technical advice to existing and potential customers