Supply Chain Management

Develop and maintain supply chain processes, comprising feedstock, production, storage, and export, to ensure supply and demand are managed in an integrated manner and in full alignment with production availability, downtime, plant turnarounds and market conditions



Competency Area

Supply Chain and Production Planning Management


Interpret processes and procedures to determine supply and demand balance from feedstock to product storage

Plan and schedule supply chain management activities

Coordinate all aspects of supply chain management

Conduct stock control activities and carry out stock inventory audits

Coordinate goods and materials transportation

Develop and distribute supply chain management reports

Perform risk analyses for supply chain management

Optimise supply chain activities and make recommendations for improvement

Audit supply chain management processes

Apply digital plant logistics to supply chain work processes and planning

Apply HRSCM systems and tools

Develop and implement processes and procedures to continually manage demand against supply balance from feedstock

Review and update supply chain management practices, policies and standards, in line with regulations and laws

Review supply chain management planning and materials forecasting

Review risk analysis for supply chain management

Review audit and recommendations to supply chain processes

Manage and negotiate contracts with supply chain partners

Monitor supplier performance and take corrective actions to resolve issues

Manage supply chain processes through interaction with procurement, logistics, finance and production teams

Implement supply chain improvement projects

Manage digital plant logistics of supply chain work processes and planning

Manage HRSCM applications

Formulate strategies in supply chain processes

Manage supply chain budgets and finance activities

Drive supply chain continuous improvement projects

Manage major supply chain contracts and relationships

Manage supply chain risks

Review and implement new and emerging supply chain management technologies