Incident Investigation Management

Apply a systematic and objective approach in workplace incident and accident investigations which include responding, reporting, gathering data and information, root cause analyses, implementation and review of corrective and preventive measures, to prevent recurrence of incidents and accidents



Competency Area

Health, Safety and Environment Management


Apply workplace and environmental incident reporting procedures to respond to incidents and support investigations

Respond to incidents in accordance with the organisation’s procedures

Report incidents to internal stakeholders

Cordon off and preserve incident sites for investigations

Clean and treat chemical spills

Provide immediate medical assistance to casualties of incidents

Support WSH incident investigations

Analyse workplace and contribute to incident investigations by identifying root causes and preventive measures

Contribute to the conduct of WSH incident investigations

Identify root causes of incidents and recommend corrective and preventative measures

Contribute to the preparation of incident reports in accordance with legislative requirements

Implement corrective and preventive actions as recommended by WSH incident investigations

Monitor and report the implementation work progress of corrective and preventative actions

Develop and implement workplace and environmental incident investigation workflows and procedures

Develop incident investigation, analysis and reporting processes

Manage investigation and analysis processes

Advise the formation of the incident investigation team

Lead incident investigations and prioritise investigation actions

Select and use appropriate investigation tools

Advise on root causes of incidents based on the information provided

Prepare investigation reports detailing findings, analyses, underlying root causes and make recommendations to prevent recurrences

Ensure corrective and preventive actions are implemented

Communicate effectively and notify respective personnel

Review workplace and environmental incident investigation processes, workflows and procedures

Lead incident investigation review processes

Evaluate the effectiveness of incident investigation procedures

Review the processes of gathering information, root cause analyses and identification of corrective and preventive actions

Evaluate the effectiveness of corrective and preventive actions

Review incident statistics to uncover underlying root causes

Review progress of investigations and provide high level management support

Communicate lessons learned within and across the organisation