Hazards and Risk Identification and Management

Implement a systematic approach for hazard identification and risk assessment so as to effectively eliminate or reduce risks



Competency Area

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management


Identify hazards and perform risk control measures in the preparation and execution of work activities

Apply risk control measures to ensure work activities are carried out safely

Identify types of hazards at workplace

Implement risk control measures during the execution of work activities

Identify a range of basic safety signs and notices

Report any abnormalities and problems encountered in complying with WSH and risk management requirements

Perform safety checks on work areas, safety signs, safety devices and equipment

Apply hazard identification and select appropriate risk control measures in the planning, preparation and execution of work activities

Participate in activity- based risk assessments

Identify hazards associated with routine and non-routine work activities

Evaluate risk levels based on likelihood and severity ratings

Identify types of risk control measures

Perform risk control measures in accordance with the hierarchies of risk control

Perform safety checks on work areas, safety signs, safety devices and equipment

Interpret risk management procedures and practices to conduct risk assessments and recommend risk control measures to eliminate or reduce risks

Form risk assessment team as per the organisation’s procedures and practices

Perform scoping of risk assessments

List inventory of work for risk assessments

Gather relevant information required for risk assessments

Supervise the execution of activity-based risk assessments

Communicate the hazards identified and their control to relevant parties

Ensure risk control measures are implemented and monitored correctly and effectively

Record and maintain risk assessment documents

Suggest improvements for the preparation, execution and implementation of risk assessments

Eliminate or reduce risks for a safe workplace & comply with regulations

Establish risk management plans, workflows and practices

Determine scope and extent of risk assessments

List and communicate the roles and responsibilities of the risk management team

Oversee the implementation of risk management to ensure staff and contractors at all levels understand the process and act safely during work activities

Incorporate human and cultural factors in risk assessment processes

Align risk management practices with industry best practices

Manage and maintain documentation for risk management and review the documents on a regular basis to ensure its currency

Oversee risk management in areas of accountability

Investigate risk management related issues and recommend


Evaluate risk management plans to ensure their robustness and effectiveness

Drive the implementation of risk management strategies, plans, workflows and procedures and engage all levels of the organisation

Endorse risk assessment documents

Drive continuous improvement throughout the organisation

Evaluate risk management performance and implement corrective and preventive actions

Communicate WSH performance both internally and externally

Liaise with external governing bodies on standards and legal compliance issues

Guide teams on international best practices

Review the documentation system for WSH risk management