Production Resource Management

Define productivity targets and allocate resources to support and synchronise production processes



Competency Area



Develop biopharmaceuticals manufacturing resource plans to meet production targets

Review production requirements

Specify resources required to carry out production activities and meet targets

Make estimates of the time needed to complete activities

Prepare work plans consistent with production schedules

Assist in the procurement and allocation of resources

Review progress against work plans regularly and reschedule activities as necessary, informing the relevant stakeholders of any changes

Update plans at regular intervals, taking into account individual, team, resource and organisational changes

Facilitate resource forecasting and allocations for production activities in order to meet operational targets

Formulate resource allocation procedures and guidelines for the manufacturing facilities

Direct the procurement of resources

Allocate resources to teams

Optimise systems used and monitor resource use and productivity

Review resource allocations and productivity against plans

Devise corrective actions to be taken where necessary

Verify resource plan performance reports and disseminate the information to relevant stakeholders

Lead strategic resource management initiatives by synergising human, financial and operational factors

Chart directions for resource management within the manufacturing plants in alignment with global production resource management strategies

Review production targets and timelines as provided by group headquarters

Forecast long-term resource requirements based on operational needs

Set long-term productivity targets for the biopharmaceuticals manufacturing facilities

Guide the development of contingency plans to handle actual and predicted changes to planned use of resources

Validate and evaluate scheduling systems and procedures used