Production Planning

Execute the production plans to meet production targets and cycle time indices



Competency Area



Facilitate the implementation of the production plans

Analyse production targets

Analyse past production rates and articulate impact on new production plans

Present data and analyses to support and maximise accuracy of forecasts

Plan production timelines according to organisational requirements and resource availability

Communicate the production plans to relevant personnel

Confirm that resources and personnel are available to meet schedules

Match work allocations to competencies available in the work teams according to enterprise procedures

Monitor actual production rates against plans and adjust as necessary

Establish the organisation’s plans and schedules for production activities

Identify production priorities to meet customer and market expectations and set targets

Forecast production demand vis-à-vis internal capacity and resources

Identify and confirm resource requirements

Formulate production plans, highlighting key timelines, deliverables and accountabilities

Develop schedules to match production priorities

Schedule planned shut- downs at suitable times

Adjust the schedules in response to typical and atypical variables

Respond to unplanned events to minimise disruptions and optimise efficiency

Track and investigate variances to plans

Follow review procedures to identify opportunities to improve

scheduling processes

Align and integrate production plans within the department, across departments and with business priorities

Define production priorities for the biopharmaceuticals manufacturing plants

Resolve conflicting demands among different production teams and activities

Make final production decisions for the organisation

Integrate production plans across the organisation

Spearhead continuous improvement strategies and projects with minimal disruption to ongoing production