Environmental Management System Framework Development and Implementation

Develop Environmental Management System (EMS) frameworks and implement procedures and practices to ensure compliance with legal and organisational requirements as well as commitment to environment protection



Competency Area

Health, Safety and Environment Management


Identify Environmental Management System (EMS) policies, procedures and practices in the planning, preparation and execution of work activities

Comply with EMS practices

Follow EMS related procedures when performing work activities

Report EMS related non- conformance and incidents

Respond to chemical spillages

Access EMS documents, policies and procedures

Apply Environmental Management System (EMS) procedures and practices in the planning, preparation and execution of work activities

Comply with EMS policies and procedures

Identify environmental aspects and impacts

Monitor and implement environmental control measures

Respond to resolving environmental workplace issues

Maintain good housekeeping standards

Ensure contractors comply with EMS policies and procedures

Contribute to the continuous improvement of EMS

Interpret Environmental Management System (EMS) policies, standards, procedures and practices in the workplace to ensure compliance with EMS

Coordinate EMS and practices in the workplace

Supervise work areas of accountabilities to ensure compliance to EMS standards and procedures

Conduct environmental aspect and impact analyses

Ensure implementation of environmental related control measures

Respond to environmental incidents and contribute to incident investigations

Monitor contractors to ensure compliance with the organisation's EMS standards and practices by performing routine inspections and meetings

Contribute to continual improvement of EMS activities in the workplace

Facilitate the development and implementation of Environmental Management System (EMS) frameworks and procedures

Develop and implement EMS frameworks and procedures

Identify scope of EMS

List roles, responsibilities and authorities of the organisation’s EMS

Identify and deploy resources required for development and implementation of EMS

Manage the compliance with EMS policies and procedures

Establish environmental objectives and targets

Develop EMS related operational planning and control procedures

Establish ERP to environmental incidents

Conduct EMS related training and communication

Establish documentation control system for EMS related documents and records

Set direction of Environmental Management System (EMS) framework and system

Manage and review EMS performances based on EMS objectives and targets

Audit EMS systems in accordance with legal and system requirements

Lead management reviews and audits for EMS

Evaluate the effectiveness of the EMS framework and system procedures

Recommend continuous improvement of EMS policies and procedures

Communicate EMS performance across the organisation

Oversee EMS improvement projects

Drive EMS strategic plans

Endorse EMS policies and frameworks

Integrate EMS elements into the organisation’s systems holistically

Drive an effective and responsible EMS culture