Production Optimisation

Manage production processes and resources to maximise performance



Competency Area



Monitor production processes against expected performance levels

Interpret production terminologies and metrics

Perform checks to identify performance issues

Monitor outputs against expected production levels

Collect and collate production information to be recorded and reported

Report delays and additional time required to complete production

Identify performance variations, lapses and shortfalls against the production plans and targets

Prepare standard performance reports in required formats

Analyse production resources and manage resource planning to meet production performance targets and standards

Communicate production objectives and targets to team members

Review production execution and ensure operations are in line with set expectations

Analyse production yields against target performance

Verify performance of the production processes against production plans

Identify appropriate monitoring, recording and reporting formats and systems

Review performance reports

Analyse causes of performance problems and process deviations that may impact achievement of production objectives and targets

Address anomalies in production performance

Implement process changes or modifications to restore optimal production processes

Escalate issues which may impact other manufacturing processes

Review production performance by inspecting production processes, identifying constraints and restoring stability of operations

Relate production plans to production line operations

Draw insights and trends from production performance reports

Identify production constraints in accordance with production plans

Employ problem-solving techniques and root cause analysis to identify causes of performance variations

Investigate shortcomings in materials quality or machinery performance

Identify opportunities to leverage upon to increase process efficiency

Identify manufacturing bottlenecks and evaluate their root causes

Formulate solutions to address bottlenecks, inefficiencies or deviations in the production processes

Develop in-process defect control and testing plans

Manage the impact of production performance variations or failures on other manufacturing processes

Lead management and optimisation of production workflows for biopharmaceuticals manufacturing facilities

Develop production KPIs

Establish production objectives and targets

Review overall production performance

Direct initiatives to optimise production workflows and processes

Review production workflows to stream-line processes

Review recommended solutions to address bottlenecks, inefficiencies or deviations in the production processes

Allocate resources to overcome constraints

Lead the implementation of new production processes and technologies

Evaluate whether processes meet organisational requirements