Business Development

Explore and establish strategic business opportunities for the organisation and translate market research and/or analysis into viable leads. This would encompass identification of new markets and potential customers, active generation and pursuit of leads and commercial opportunities, regular engagement with relevant industries to introduce and promote the organisation's IT products, services or offerings



Competency Area

Sales and Marketing


Conduct research on critical or emerging markets and identify potential leads

Conduct research focusing on critical or emerging markets

Conduct research on potential leads, possible clients, companies and their needs

Analyse sales and consumptions patterns to draw insights

Identify new or potential customers when such opportunities are referred or presented by others

Maintain ongoing customer contact to understand responses to the organisation's offerings and solutions

Analyse information to support scoping and pricing of business opportunities and projects

Promote the organisation's offerings at industry events at an informal level

Analyse market intelligence data and related business functions and propose ways to capitalise on them

Analyse relevant market and competitive intelligence data to identify possible commercial opportunities

Propose ways to capitalise on new market opportunities

Incorporate insights from related business functions into business development plans

Develop content to engage relevant communities and potential customer segments

Initiate consumer contact and generate interest in the organisation's technology solutions to uncover or create sales leads

Recommend ways to develop current customer accounts into larger business opportunities

Assess existing partners’ or customers’ short-term and long-term needs and business pipeline to identify potential leads

Qualify sales leads to followup

Scope business opportunities and deals

Raise appropriate opportunities and avenues to promote the organisation's products and services

Develop a business development strategy for specific markets and engage key decision makers to generate viable leads or increase scope of business with existing clients

Develop a business development strategy for specific markets

Lead the evaluation of new market opportunities

Determine target markets and customer segments that offer new avenues for growth

Integrate lead generation efforts with sales, marketing, customer service and related business functions

Seek to engage key decision makers in other organisations to generate viable leads

Manage the deepening or broadening of the organisation's involvement with existing clients to secure new business opportunities over multiple areas

Establish guiding principles for the scoping, sizing, structuring and pricing of business deals, in line with business priorities

Promote the organisation's solutions, technologies and offerings at customer or industry events

Advocate for the organisation's offerings to a specific community

Lead sales presentations to potential clients and partners

Establish an organisational business development strategy, direct expansion into new markets and significant business opportunities

Drive a business development strategy for the organisation's operating markets

Chart direction of the expansion into new markets

Define organisational strategy for pitching products and offerings to the industry /and potential customers

Take a lead role in sourcing for, creating and evaluating new strategic opportunities

Establish relationships with senior management or key decision makers in other companies to generate viable leads

Build organisation-wide processes /and infrastructure required to transform potential commercial opportunities into viable customers

Establish organisation strategy and priorities for the scoping, sizing, structuring and pricing of business opportunities and deals

Represent the organisation at key industry or public events and media interactions

Lead critical complex or high-value sales presentations, pitches and negotiations