Customer Experience Management

Develop and implement a cohesive end-to-end customer journey and experience to engage a population of customers with changing profiles, demands and buying patterns



Competency Area

Sales and Marketing


Recognise customer profiles and preferences, and execute the customer engagement strategy, creating a positive customer experience

Conduct research on customer profiles and preferences

Recognise the diverse range of customers and their needs, preferences and expectations

Track customers changing demands and needs

Execute the customer engagement strategy based on immediate targets and guidelines set

Communicate daily with customers on an appropriate level

Create a positive customer experience by offering customised service

Apply set indicators to measure and track level of customer engagement and interaction

Analyse implications of customer profiles, requirements and buying patterns on organisation's marketing strategy

Analyse customer data and research to ascertain implications on organisation's products and marketing strategy

Apply customer segment analysis tools to understand make-up, requirements and buying patterns of different segments

Propose customer engagement initiatives for specific products based on insights

Align specific customer engagement activities with overall customer journey

Oversee customer communications

Determine indicators to capture and measure customer engagement

Direct the operating rhythm for customer management processes and establish key touchpoints and interactive experiences

Oversee customer behaviour analysis

Integrate key findings from customer research and analysis into customer engagement strategy

Support the development of an overarching customer experience

Design interactive experiences and processes that engage the customers, in ensuring alignment with overarching customer journey

Establish key touchpoints with customers throughout the customer journey

Direct operating rhythm and standard protocol or guidelines for customer management and engagement processes

Oversee end-to-end customer lifecycle management

Evaluate effectiveness of customer engagement initiatives

Recommend possible enhancements to customer engagement strategy and tactics

Establish a cohesive customer journey in line with evolving customer demands, and integrate the customer experience with the brand.

Anticipate future changes in customer demands and needs, and their potential impact on marketing strategy

Establish a cohesive, overarching customer journey and experience

Integrate the designed customer experience with the organisation brand and other sales and marketing departments

Integrate the customer experience with the business and digital strategy

Translate the desired customer experience into a service operations plan

Formulate strategies to monitor progress in achieving customer engagement and satisfaction

Evaluate effectiveness of customer experience strategy

Lead refinements or significant changes in direction to the overall customer experience and engagement strategy

Establish strategy to manage the customer lifecycle from end-to-end