Content Strategy

Develop a content strategy to include the conceptualisation and mapping of digital storyboards as well as the optimisation of content delivery parameters to market the organisation's products and services



Competency Area

Sales and Marketing


Determine optimal content types, styles, modes and frequency of content delivery, and translate content ideas into digital storyboards.

Conceptualise content ideas to meet marketing objectives

Map out digital storyboards as part of a content strategy

Identify content requirements based on evaluation of customers and potential customer preferences

Determine frequency of delivering marketing content to customers

Establish overall content strategy for the organisation, evaluate and align marketing content ideas with evolving trends and business goals and priorities.

Establish overall content strategy for the organisation

Establish target audience for content

Evaluate content ideas for marketing

Lead content lifecycle in terms of policies and effectiveness

Lead and direct the creation and curation of web content

Identify emerging system capabilities in web content management and determine the applicability of such capabilities

Develop a plan for managing content throughout its lifecycle

Align marketing content to business goals, priorities and strategic direction