Marketing Strategy

Define an organisational marketing strategy, consider critical industry trends, customer segments and market developments as well as the communication and implementation of the strategy



Competency Area

Sales and Marketing


Identify critical customer segments, market gaps and competitors

Support the development of marketing strategy

Identify critical customer segments, market gaps and competitors

Identify emerging marketing trends and technologies

Assess competitive forces

Highlight impact of various market trends on the organisation's key business and expected performance

Enhance new roadmaps and marketing plans to align with critical trends and developments

Develop materials to communicate marketing strategy internally

Lead action planning and implementation of marketing efforts

Develop a strategy to grow market demand for key products and services

Develop a marketing strategy for specific products and services

Determine critical customers and assess market potential in the context of the organisation's business model

Evaluate applicability of emerging market trends and technologies to the organisation's context

Highlight key trends in related industries that impact demand for organisation's products and services

Assess technology and digital capabilities and trends impacting marketing strategy

Synthesise impact of market trends with organisation's product strategy

Prioritise product mix and service offerings in accordance to market demands and business priorities

Align the planning of product roadmaps across various products or regions

Lead internal communications of the marketing strategy

Define overarching marketing strategy considering macro-trends and anticipated industry and technology shifts

Define overarching marketing strategy in line with market developments and business objectives

Anticipate future trends and industry and technology shifts

Determine business viability of incorporating new marketing technology or automation

Forecast emerging market needs

Inspire commitment of employees toward organisational marketing strategy

Integrate marketing strategy with sales strategy and other business functions