Marketing Communications Plan Development

Formulate, develop and implement marketing communications plans and evaluate tools and vehicles appropriate to reflect effective execution of communication strategies



Competency Area

Sales and Marketing


Collect feedback on marketing communications and media

Collate relevant information pertaining to varying media options available

Identify options and present advantages and disadvantages of different marketing communications media options

Identify marketing communications variable and media options

Support evaluation of information

Implement promotional briefs and asses the effectiveness of selected media options

Draft promotional briefs in accordance with organisational requirements

Carry out promotional briefs via selected media options

Ensure accuracy of information being communicated to target customers

Assess marketing communications mix that best suits the target markets and meets marketing objectives

Assess advantages and disadvantages of selecting various media options

Develop marketing communication strategies and propose marketing communication options

Determine marketing communication objectives in accordance with organisational requirements

Identify forms of marketing communication programmes that are best suited to the products and/or service offerings

Develop promotional appeals and messages

Evaluate different models of marketing communications to meet organisational requirements

Develop objectives, goals, desired performance, strategies and scope of marketing communication plans

Define the scope of the marketing communications plans

Establish objectives, goals and performance measurements of marketing communications plans

Conduct situational analysis to assess the organisation’s internal and external outlook

Formulate marketing communications strategies to achieve the communications objectives identified

Drive the development of budget plans and activity schedule to facilitate the execution of the communications strategies